Training For a Sub 40 Minute 10k In 2016

At my peak I was a consistent sub-4 minute per km runner. Those days are well behind me now as time has moved on but I can still occasionally get myself to the point where sub-4 minute races are within reach.

The last time I got myself to that point was in 2013 which was also the year I challenged myself by running every day for that year.

As the year progressed my running times continued to improve and my fitness was noticeably getting much better. My ultimate race achievement was an 11km race in well under 44 minutes.

I can only put it down to the workload that I put my body under throughout the year. I thrived and my times improved.

For 2016 I want to get myself back to the point where I can run sub-4 minute kilometres again. This time it feels as though it is going to be a little harder. After all, I’m now 49 years old and my muscles are feeling just a little tighter.

The way I plan to do it is through a gradual build up from month to month.

I have already embarked on the same challenge from 2 years ago. From 30 November I have been running every day and I intend to complete 2016 by running at least 2k every day.

But throughout the year I want to nail the sub-4 minute pace over increasingly longer distances.

First, I want to get there over 1km.

After that I want to be able to sustain the pace over 2km. And so on.

All going well, I hope to be able to complete a 10km race in under 40 minutes.

At some time over the next couple of weeks I want to be able to display a kilometre split in part of my run that was completed in under 4 minutes.

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