The Trail Camera Detection Zone

The detection zone of a trail camera is one of the important factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding which camera will best suit your needs. The camera may have a particularly fast trigger speed and it may come up with pictures of the most incredible resolution but if the detection zone is too narrow, you may find that nothing ever strays into the place that triggers the camera.

So what is the detection zone of a trail camera? This is as simple as the size of the field where the camera’s sensors are able to detect the heat or the motion of the animal. It is the zone through which the animal must pass in order for the camera to take a picture.

The detection zones of trail cameras can differ greatly from one to the next. It is possible to choose between cameras that have either a narrow or wide detection zone.

It might be a little puzzling to try to figure out why you might want a camera with a narrow detection zone. The answer might be that you may want to scout a fairly narrow area and want to only take pictures of animals in a specific location. Using a camera with a smaller detection zone will effectively filter out unwanted pictures.

A larger detection zone will come in useful for scouting wider areas as well as capturing faster moving animals. This is similar to the role that is played by the cameras that have faster trigger speeds.

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