The No-Frills Cobra Buckhead Bow Sight

One of the things that is becoming increasingly obvious is that you don’t have to buy a bow sight that is packed with all kinds of features. Sometimes it is a far better idea when choosing your new bow hunting equipment to make your life simpler by looking for the basic models. Naturally, many of the features are going to make your life just that little but easier but for sighting and shooting accurately, a good quality basic sight will do the trick.

Cobra BuckheadOne of the lower priced models that appear to be extremely popular is the Cobra Buckhead bow sight. This is a very straightforward looking fixed pin sight that comprises a choice of either 3 or 5 pins that are well protected with a metal coating. The pin diameter is a good size at .019” which is not so thick that your target is going to be obliterated.

One of the little features of the Buckhead that adds tremendously to its range is a reversible mounting bracket. Installing the bracket the first way will set the sight up for one elevation range, undoing the knob, turning the bracket on its head and re-attaching will create another elevation range. It turns your simple little bow sight into a far more versatile piece of equipment.

The Buckhead also ensures your field of vision is wide with a 1.9” circular aperture that is surrounded by a bright white ring. Target acquisition is fast and sure, just what you’re looking for when the target looms up quickly.

The best thing about this sight, for those who are working to a budget, is the price. The three pin version costs around $50.00 while the five pin version can go for around $70.00. There is also a toolless version which enables even faster pin tuning capabilities and this might be available for around $80.00.

The Buckhead series of bow sights is part of quite an extensive range of sights from Cobra Archery. As well as the models that have been mentioned above the same design is also used in a single pin moveable sight called the Buckhead Double Tine and would also be well worth checking out if you prefer to go with the one-pin option.

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