The Case For Lighted Arrow Nocks

We have witnessed a large amount of technological improvements over the years in the sport of archery and one that might look to be minor but is without a doubt quite worthwhile is the lighted arrow nock. The appeal is easy; incorporating illumination to the nock that is connected to the arrow. Once that nock is lit, the previously seemingly challenging challenge of tracking an arrow while it reaches its intended goal will become a lot easier, especially with today’s faster bows. Therefore, the hunter could take a more informed knowledge of the location where the arrow not only struck the target, plus also when and how to begin monitoring that target. And what we get in the end is, simply, better results.

In spite of the benefit they give to bowhunters, lighted nocks aren’t without some downsides. For starters, they are expensive. Several lighted nocks could cost above $10 each. With the cost of today’s arrows as well as broadheads incorporating a lighted nock may just push some archers in excess of the price range. Above their extra expense, lighted nocks also provide added weight to the back of your arrow. With a lot of bow hunters now trying to find solutions to increase their FOC (Front of Center), employing an illuminated nock helps make that task tougher. The extra weight to the rear of an arrow might lessen your FOC and most likely decrease both penetration and down range accuracy. Despite the fact that there are a few perceived problems, in many hunting instances these influences will be minimal and this has been demonstrated by the many hunters that have effectively harvested animals by making use of lighted nocks.

With regard to the great majority of bowhunters it just appears reasonable to make use of illuminated nocks and they’re certainly not going away. Rather than just one company making them you’ll find at least six. Hunters and archery devotees alike have actually started building their very own lighted nocks at home. It is very clear that the bowhunting masses have spoken and we are keen to see that gleaming beacon of hope lit up on the forest floor giving us all the reminder of why we hunt.

By using lighted arrow nocks it will be possible to learn about the trajectory of the arrow and if this means shooting more accurately in the future it should be worth every extra cent.

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