What You Should Expect From A Trail Camera

A good quality trail camera will provide you with more than simply a picture, either still or moving, of an animal in its natural habitat. It will also be able to give you information about the location such as the date, time, temperature, moon phase and barometric pressure at the time of the shot. All of this information will give the trail scout very valuable information that helps to create an accurate picture of the conditions you can expect to find each type of animal captured.

The trail camera is a very useful tool for scouting. It can be used to track the movements of not only wild animals but also the activities of domestic animals too. On top of being able to track the movements of animals in the area, a trail camera has numerous other uses and should be able to be used as a security device, setting up in places where intruders will not detect it as they move around your property.

It is possible these days to get trail cameras that are equipped with infrared flash that enable pictures to be taken at night time without alerting the animals. These so-called black flash cameras provide you with a reasonable image of the targets however the quality can be variable at best. This is not a problem for those who merely want to see evidence of the presence of the animals rather than keepsake photos or videos.

A trail camera that can continue to operate for months on the same set of batteries is far more preferable over those that chew them up in a week or two. The fewer times you have to return to the camera the lower the chance that you will spook the deer.

You should be able to pick up a good quality trail camera with a fast trigger speed and a wide range of detection if you intend to place it on a well-used trail. The capabilities differ from one camera to the next and will require some research into how each model operates.

These days, a good quality trail camera is one that has remote wi-fi capabilities that will send pictures back to your computer or device in real time. As technology continues to improve the expectation is increasing for your trail camera to report the results immediately. At present you will be paying a premium for a camera with this capability but it won’t take long for this to quickly become the norm.

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The Trail Camera Detection Zone

The detection zone of a trail camera is one of the important factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding which camera will best suit your needs. The camera may have a particularly fast trigger speed and it may come up with pictures of the most incredible resolution but if the detection zone is too narrow, you may find that nothing ever strays into the place that triggers the camera.

So what is the detection zone of a trail camera? This is as simple as the size of the field where the camera’s sensors are able to detect the heat or the motion of the animal. It is the zone through which the animal must pass in order for the camera to take a picture.

The detection zones of trail cameras can differ greatly from one to the next. It is possible to choose between cameras that have either a narrow or wide detection zone.

It might be a little puzzling to try to figure out why you might want a camera with a narrow detection zone. The answer might be that you may want to scout a fairly narrow area and want to only take pictures of animals in a specific location. Using a camera with a smaller detection zone will effectively filter out unwanted pictures.

A larger detection zone will come in useful for scouting wider areas as well as capturing faster moving animals. This is similar to the role that is played by the cameras that have faster trigger speeds.

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What Is A Trail Camera’s Trigger Speed?

The trigger speed of a trail camera is the amount of time it takes between when motion is detected and when the camera actually takes the picture. It is an interval that can vary greatly from one camera to the next. It is also an aspect of trail cameras that can make a very big difference in the results that are enjoyed.

A trail camera with a fast trigger speed is desirable for when the intended subjects are faster moving animals. Any animal that moves through the field of vision at a reasonable speed is going to be there and gone pretty quickly. A camera with a fast trigger speed is going to frame the animal really well. This, when combined with a large detection zone will give you a greater chance of picking up images that really frame the bucks well.

A camera with a slow trigger speed is more than likely going to miss the animal as it passes through. At best this camera might return a bunch of pictures where you can just make out the animal’s rump as it passes through.

You might use a camera with a slower trigger speed at a place where the animal is likely going to linger for some time. These positions might be at a feeder or a salt block…somewhere the animal is going to be relaxed and slow moving.

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Will Wheatgrass Make Me Healthy?

Improving the diet for health reasons can involve the inclusion and exclusion of a range of foods that you probably never even knew existed. It can introduce you to tastes and consistencies that you would not have considered putting in your mouth before. Are there foods (or food-type stuff) that I can eat to increase my health?

One of the types of foods that I was put onto was wheatgrass. “Take it for a healthier you” was the advice. But why? What is it about wheatgrass that is so healthy and should I add it to my diet each day?

The fact is that it looks as though it should be good for me. After all, it’s green, it looks like a vegetable and they’re good for me, right? At the very least it was worth doing a little bit of reading to find out more.

After doing some reading up on it, I am yet to be convinced that wheatgrass is the answer to a fabulous improvement in my health.


Wheatgrass is nutrient-rich and is part of the wheat family. It is the young grass that is used in juicing recipes that may be drunk on its own or as part of a range of other juices. Alternatively it can be added to smoothies or as a tea. Drinking daily juice concoctions can be a great way of including fruit and vegetables into the diet and there are a lot of juicer options to buy that will ensure the job of creating juice is a simple task.

Although proponents of wheatgrass claim that it has numerous health benefits there is not a lot of research available to back up the claims.

There is no doubting the fact that wheatgrass is packed full of a range of nutrients including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, vitamins A, C and E. But it is most useful as a highly detoxifying medicinal herb rather than as a source of food nutrient and shouldn’t be eaten long-term as such. If you are going to eat vegetable sprouts it would probably be more beneficial to eat pea sprouts or broccoli sprouts.

Claimed Health Properties of Wheatgrass Juice

There are many claims of benefits that can be derived from taking wheatgrass with a few of them quoted below:

  • Increases red blood-cell count; cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract; simulates metabolism
  • Stimulates your thyroid gland
  • Reduces over-acidity in your blood and relieve peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal complaints
  • Detoxifies your liver and blood and chemically neutralizes environmental pollutants
  • Its high chlorophyll content may help oxygenate your blood. Keeping a tray of live wheatgrass near your bed may also enhance the oxygen in the air and generate healthful negative ions to help improve your sleep
  • May help reduce damaging effects of radiation, courtesy of the enzyme SOD—an anti-inflammatory compound

Wheatgrass Is A Sprout

Like most other vegetable sprouts, wheatgrass can be classed as a super food and can be useful as a health optimizer. It should be taken as a supplement to a good, healthy diet and used in moderation, always being careful with the intake levels. It can allow the body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats from the other food you consume.

The fact is that other types of sprouts such as sunflower and pea sprouts do the job better than wheatgrass. They provide support for cell regeneration, they are powerful sources of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that protect against free radical damage, they have an alkalinizing effect on the body and they are very rich in oxygen.

Some of the reading I did about the benefits (or otherwise) of wheatgrass can be found on the following pages:

Choice.com.au – Wheatgrass Juice

Hippocrates Health Institute – Benefits of Wheatgrass

WebMD.com – Find A Vitamin or Supplement: Wheatgrass

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Decide On A Suitable Arrow Rest

It may be a task that is easier said than done. Deciding on a suitable arrow rest is more than walking into an archery store and picking one off the shelf. It could very well be a matter of trial and error before you come up with the arrow rest that is right for your shooting style.

One of the most important pieces of hunting equipment that is part of a compound bow set up is the arrow rest. It is one of the only points where the arrow actually makes contact with the bow and at the time of release it is important that the arrow clears the rest so that the arrow flight is not compromised.

The purpose of a good arrow rest is to seat the arrow in a way that it can be fired accurately. The arrow must be supported in position up until the time when the shooter decides to release it.

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Dead ShotWhen a hunter or a competition shooter is attempting to set up their bow there is a decision to be made as to what is the most effective type of arrow rest to use. The end result could make a big difference in the performance of the shooter.

There are a few different types of arrow rests to choose from. They may be offered when buying the actual compound bow and could be said to match the style of shooting that will be done. The different types may be referred to as Drop Away or Fall Away arrow rests, Shoot-Thru arrow rests and Capture arrow rests.

NAP Quiktune 1000 Arrow Rest

No matter which type of arrow rest is chosen it should be considered important that the weight of the rest is light yet the device is sturdy enough to perform its job consistently. The attachment to the bow should be uncomplicated and it should be easy to adjust and tune. Tis tuning will involve adjustments made to the vertical and horizontal axis by changes to the windage and elevation.

An arrow rest can be as simple or as detailed as you like. There are many very straightforward arrow rests that can be found with few or no moving parts while others are designed to deliver a precision instrument that works with split-second timing.

Naturally the different types of arrow rests are going to cover a wide price range. For some, it will be all about getting the best and most expensive rest with the thinking that they are paying for a product that will help them in their shooting accuracy. Others will be satisfied with an arrow rest that simply does its job in an uncomplicated way.

No type of arrow rest is automatically going to give you a sudden edge when shooting. The price of the arrow rest will not provide you with shooting expertise in every discipline of the sport. What it might do is make the draw and release process easier and more comfortable. This, in turn, might help with shooting accuracy.

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The No-Frills Cobra Buckhead Bow Sight

One of the things that is becoming increasingly obvious is that you don’t have to buy a bow sight that is packed with all kinds of features. Sometimes it is a far better idea when choosing your new bow hunting equipment to make your life simpler by looking for the basic models. Naturally, many of the features are going to make your life just that little but easier but for sighting and shooting accurately, a good quality basic sight will do the trick.

Cobra BuckheadOne of the lower priced models that appear to be extremely popular is the Cobra Buckhead bow sight. This is a very straightforward looking fixed pin sight that comprises a choice of either 3 or 5 pins that are well protected with a metal coating. The pin diameter is a good size at .019” which is not so thick that your target is going to be obliterated.

One of the little features of the Buckhead that adds tremendously to its range is a reversible mounting bracket. Installing the bracket the first way will set the sight up for one elevation range, undoing the knob, turning the bracket on its head and re-attaching will create another elevation range. It turns your simple little bow sight into a far more versatile piece of equipment.

The Buckhead also ensures your field of vision is wide with a 1.9” circular aperture that is surrounded by a bright white ring. Target acquisition is fast and sure, just what you’re looking for when the target looms up quickly.

The best thing about this sight, for those who are working to a budget, is the price. The three pin version costs around $50.00 while the five pin version can go for around $70.00. There is also a toolless version which enables even faster pin tuning capabilities and this might be available for around $80.00.

The Buckhead series of bow sights is part of quite an extensive range of sights from Cobra Archery. As well as the models that have been mentioned above the same design is also used in a single pin moveable sight called the Buckhead Double Tine and would also be well worth checking out if you prefer to go with the one-pin option.

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Gang Adjustment Simplifies Bow Sighting

Spot Hogg Hunter bow sightOne of the features in many of the more modern bow sights that are being brought onto the market today have to do with the ability to gang adjust the pins. This may sound a little strange if you have never experienced the task of tuning in your sight but it is definitely a solid step forward.

In the past the usual method of setting up your bow sight was to painstakingly set each individual pin to your required distance. The thing was, most people set their pins up so that they are equally spaced apart. This can be very handy when you use a bow sight such as the Spot Hogg Hunter shown above.

In other words, if your first pin is set to a distance of 20 yards, it is very likely that the second pin will be set at 30 yards and the next is at 40 yards and so on. The process of gang adjustment means that you only have to set the first two pins to a certain distance variation and then the rest of the pins will be automatically adjusted.

In addition to this, the majority of high end sights that are being produced today are incorporating a tool-less adjustment method into their design. This means the need for small Allen wrenches is gone and micro-adjustments can be made at the turn of a knob.

The result is a fixed-pin bow sight that is starting to act far more like a variable pin sight. The process of setting pins can be far more fluid in the field and the requirement of dialling into a distance that was not previously set can be done as one would with a variable pin sight.

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The Process of Developing Thicker Eyebrows

There have been many different products that have become available that deal with the growth of eyebrow hair. These products may not necessarily be designed to regrow the eyebrows but they are certainly designed to intensify the appearance of them. They work in a number of different ways and some of them do indeed claim to regrow hair that has thinned or disappeared entirely.

With the changes in fashion trends now tending towards a more natural looking eyebrow (and away from the severely plucked thin line) there is a greater emphasis on thick and full eyebrows. This has resulted in a number of products being brought onto the market by cosmetic companies looking to assist women (and some men) in enhancing their brows.

There are two options that people will choose when looking for a topical answer to how they might improve their eyebrows:

  • Eyebrow Conditioners
  • Eyebrow Stimulators

There are many home remedies available that purport to provide either one or both of the qualities that are listed above but the most reliable option is to by a recognized product that has been designed for the job.

Eyebrow Stimulators

The job of the eyebrow stimulator is to promote new hair growth in the eyebrows. These types of products would be used by patients recovering from chemotherapy, other illnesses that resulted in hair loss or from over-plucking.

One of the products that appear to have had a lot of success in stimulating new eyebrow hair growth is Talika Lipocils Eyebrow Conditioning Gel. The best success has come from people who have retained some eyebrow growth although the hair coverage has thinned dramatically. The regular use following the directions that come with the product, normally a once or twice a day application to the trouble spots, can gradually transform the brows into a well-covered brow again.

A few other names to look out for that have also become known for getting good results in stimulating eyebrow growth include Bamboo Eyebrow Stimulator, ModelSupplies Rapid Brow Growth Formula, M2 Brows Eyebrow Renewing Serum and Renew Eyebrow Revitalizer. In fact, there are a lot of different stimulators and conditioners reviewed on online sites such as NewEyebrowRegrowth.com.

All of these serums rely on a very important aspect around the eyebrows and that is the health of the skin. If the skin along the eyebrows is healthy it means that the hair follicles are still alive and capable of growing new hair. The stimulating cream will help kick start the follicles in getting the hair growing again.

Eyebrow Conditioners

Eyebrow ConditionerOther products in the market are more specifically designed to condition the eyebrows and the skin from where the hair grows. By improving the health of the skin and the hair follicles within, the resultant hair growth will eventually become better and the eyebrows will last longer before the hairs fall out to be replaced. Again, the end result is a thicker and fuller looking eyebrow which will achieve the goals of most people who use these conditioning products.

One of the most popular eyebrow conditioners currently available is RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner. This is a product that comes from Athena Cosmetics, Inc. and it has been found to be effective at improving the quality of the eyebrows and surrounding areas in most cases. Importantly, it is a natural product that uses a lot of botanical ingredients so there are few adverse reactions to using it.

Have Realistic Expectations

There are a couple of main things to remember when using these products. The first is that not every product is going to work for every situation. There are cases where the hair follicles have been so traumatised that they are essentially dead and cannot produce hair. No amount of creams or serums is going to revive them. The second is that the process can take a long time before results are noticed. It is essential that you exercise a lot of patience and ensure that the application of whatever treatment is maintained over the longer term.

Look Out For Side Effects

Some products use chemicals that may be considered to be very aggressive and so it is possible that some type of adverse reaction to the skin will be experienced. This may be minor such as itching or dry skin or a more serious allergic reaction. It can’t be stressed enough that should any type of reaction be noticed use of the product should immediately be discontinued. Your doctor should be consulted for the more extreme reactions.

In most cases and particularly when using conditioners the effects of the cream will only last as long as the cream continues to be applied. When treatment ceases you can expect the eyebrows to slowly revert back to their natural state. This process can be reduced with a healthy diet that supplies the nutrients necessary for strong eyebrow growth.

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The Role of Our Skin

Our skin is the outermost layer of the human body and performs the job of providing us with the protection from the surrounding environment. It is the largest organ of the body and is crucial in its role of general health and well being.

There are other parts that the skin plays apart from being the outer layer. Here are some of the roles of the skin, some of which are obvious, others may come as a bit of a surprise.

  • The skin protects us from parasite invasion.
  • The skin gives us our sense of touch.
  • The skin regulates the body’s temperature.
  • The skin prevents the body from dehydrating.
  • The skin aids the detoxification process.
  • The skin synthesises vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight.
  • The skin helps the immune system to fight infection.

For all of the reasons listed above it is very important that we treat our skin with a great deal of respect. It is also the reason why we should give it an occasional inspection every o often to confirm that it is still in good working order.

The thing about our skin is that it is constantly changing. As we age our appearance changes dramatically and this can be put down to the regeneration process of our skin. The speed with which the regeneration process takes place changes as we age. The younger we are the faster it takes. An infant regenerates skin cells in as few as fourteen days. When we get to middle age the process will have slowed down to be just over a month.

The skin consists of two distinct layers: the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer and the dermis is located just under the part that we might refer to as the skin. It contains the nerves and allows us to feel things such as heat, cold, pleasure and pain. The dermis also connects blood vessels to the base of the epidermis.

The protection process that skin goes through is a very sophisticated one. It is the defender of the body and protects us from injury, the external conditions such as temperature and climactic events, parasites and other factors.

The skin has a way of being able to detoxify some toxic chemicals when they penetrate the epidermis. They can transform some substances into benign substances that can be excreted from the body either as urine or as sweat. The removal of toxins from the body is a constant event and is one of the very important factors of sweat. It is this reason why saunas, steam baths and hot baths are often recommended as a detoxification process.

Keeping the skin cells clear and unclogged is an important factor to healthy skin. As the skin cells get clogged by dead skin or dirt they are unable to work quite as efficiently in their job. A light brush with a slightly abrasive object such as a loofah in the bathroom is very effective in removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin.

The ability of our skin to provide us with a built in immune system comes down to the blood vessels, glands and cells that are located there. As well as these parts of the skin it also contains specialized immune-system cells that are scattered throughout the skin. These specialized skin cells can detect bacterial invaders or viral invaders and destroy and remove them before they harm the body.

Our skin does so much for it we should do everything we can to provide it with the care and support that it deserves.

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Basic Hunting Equipment Examined

Obtaining a great top quality compound bow is merely the very first stage towards shooting correctly and consistently. Even though making use of a bow that is smooth and effective plays a big role, there are accessories that can assist with your accuracy and comfort. Shooting with a set of gear that has been correctly chosen will make hunting a lot more satisfying experience.

Below is a brief list of some of the basic items that the well equipped should have with them. Included in this list are a couple of examples of the more trusted brands to look for as a starting point if you feel you should buy any of the items mentioned.

Bow Releases

The search for shooting accuracy is a constant with every hunter and any device that is going to be an aid to consistency should be considered carefully. Releasing the bow string represents the last time an outside element plays a part in the aim and any outside element is likely to alter the accuracy of your arrow. Using only your fingers is a serious outside influence and often results in the smallest movement that throws your aim off.

A mechanical release can remove the possibility of inadvertently torqueing the bow at the moment of firing the bow. Releases are available with or without wrist straps, with or without trigger buttons and a variety of ways in which the jaw operates. A high quality bow release such as a Tru-Fire release or a Carter release will assist greatly with shot consistency and, in due course, with accuracy.

Arrow Rests

NAP Quiktune 1000 Arrow RestThere are a number of distinct styles of arrow rests with the most frequently used being the shoot thru rests, containment rests and drop-away rests. The arrow rest which is used with a compound bow is another factor that may dramatically improve the reliability of your shot. There is a variety of philosophies about the various types of rests that are popularly used. The most polarizing would possibly be the Whisker Biscuit rests with some believing they work perfectly while others disliking the potential for affecting the initial flight of the arrow.

As well as the Whisker Biscuit rests made by Trophy Ridge there are many good quality arrow rests designed that offer consistency and high performance. Look out for top names like Muzzy arrow rests, NAP arrow rests and Octane arrow rests.


The majority of hunters will deeply value the broadheads they use. Fixed blade or mechanical, the outcomes of the hunting trip can depend on the effectiveness of the broadhead that you use. It relies on how much destruction the broadhead can achieve when it hits the target, not to mention the trail of blood that is created that should enable the animal to be followed.

Selecting mechanical broadheads or fixed blade broadheads generally comes down to a question of individual taste though the type of game to be hunted will play a role. Some of the very popular makes of broadheads include Swhacker broadheads, Slick Trick broadheads and NAP Broadheads.

Bow Stabilizers

The amount of movement that passes through a compound bow on discharge is a very important factor to deal with. Aside from the discomfort felt by the shooter as the bow jumps and bucks in the hand, the sound made at the same time may well alert the animal being shot. A bow stabilizer was designed to avoid excessive vibration and noise along with providing more balance to the bow. Among the many different types of bow stabilizers that can be found available to buy include those manufactured by Limbsaver and Octane are among the most well-known.


The type of hunting you are planning on doing will determine whether or not you need the next piece of equipment. Many hunters find hunting from a treestand to be the ideal scenario. Finding a suitable location in the forest and then shooting from an elevated position can bring great results. as with all other pieces of equipment there are a lot of different types of treestands to choose from and they will cater to the surrounding terrain and conditions, the type of shooting you may do and your budget.

Portability is a factor that many people consider to be high on the list of priorities and that is why the types of stands available differ. The two lightest and most compact types of treestands to choose from are hang-on stands and climbing stands and they can be easy to carry and quick to set up and take down. For a great rundown on the many different types of treestands that are available it will be worthwhile checking out the Keys To Hunting site which provides a treestand buying guide and a large number of treestand reviews.

Have Backups Ready

A complete set of gear is critical if you are to maximize your chances of results on the hunt. The things mentioned previously are only the main accessories to think about along with other items of equipment such as nocks, fletchings, string silencers, wrist slings, apparel, gloves and peep sights that may also be taken into consideration. Not only is it important to have one of the items of equipment with you when hunting, it might be very important to have a spare or two in the event the unimaginable happens and something becomes destroyed or broken. The smallest broken sight pin can cause a major disruption in the most carefully planned hunting trip.

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