Gang Adjustment Simplifies Bow Sighting

Spot Hogg Hunter bow sightOne of the features in many of the more modern bow sights that are being brought onto the market today have to do with the ability to gang adjust the pins. This may sound a little strange if you have never experienced the task of tuning in your sight but it is definitely a solid step forward.

In the past the usual method of setting up your bow sight was to painstakingly set each individual pin to your required distance. The thing was, most people set their pins up so that they are equally spaced apart. This can be very handy when you use a bow sight such as the Spot Hogg Hunter shown above.

In other words, if your first pin is set to a distance of 20 yards, it is very likely that the second pin will be set at 30 yards and the next is at 40 yards and so on. The process of gang adjustment means that you only have to set the first two pins to a certain distance variation and then the rest of the pins will be automatically adjusted.

In addition to this, the majority of high end sights that are being produced today are incorporating a tool-less adjustment method into their design. This means the need for small Allen wrenches is gone and micro-adjustments can be made at the turn of a knob.

The result is a fixed-pin bow sight that is starting to act far more like a variable pin sight. The process of setting pins can be far more fluid in the field and the requirement of dialling into a distance that was not previously set can be done as one would with a variable pin sight.

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