Four New Moultrie Trail Cameras

The range of game cameras being produced by Moultrie continues to expand and the features that are being introduced are just as impressive. The company has all situations covered with a range of cameras that are getting smaller in stature while the features continue to grow.

Listed below are the cameras in the current range that include infrared models that come with No-Glow technology as well as panoramic view cameras that cover wider areas. The range also includes mini game cameras that make them even more difficult to spot when they are positioned in the field.

Moultrie Panoramic 150i Game CameraThe Panoramic 150i game camera takes the award winning technology of the original panoramic 150 camera and adds a no-glow infrared flash to give it significant night time capabilities. It has a long range and fast trigger speed and is capable of taking high quality pictures. This is a seriously cool camera that can take some amazing shots and the price that it has been set at reflects this.

Moultrie M-990i Mini CamThe mini camera range is becoming steadily more and more impressive and the release of the new 990i Mini Game Camera provides scouts with a high quality camera equipped with no-glow infrared flash that also produces outstanding quality color pictures. The range is particularly impressive and the fact that the camera can produce 720p HD video is an added bonus.

Moultrie A-8 Game CameraThe new A-8 Game Camera is another camera that features the low-glow infrared flash. This is the game camera that is more accessible to the wider majority of buyers with a price point under $100. The detection zone is a little smaller than other cameras at 40 feet and the trigger speed is slightly slower at 1.5 seconds. But this is still a very impressive little camera.

TMoultrie M-880c Game Camerahe M-880c Mini Game Camera has been introduced as a vital part of the company’s line up. The camera sports all of the features you get from the M-880 but has an additional feature of being able to take color photos both day and night. This is a white LED flash camera and the quality of the pictures, whether photos or HD 720p video is outstanding.

The four cameras that have been listed here are just some of the new models that have been introduced for the 2014 season by Moultrie. It is possible to check out the entire range by visiting the Moultrie website.

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